Improved production and storage efficiency

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Modern logistics centres must be flexible. Whether client requirements change, throughput volumes fluctuate, order structures become smaller or product range changes.

Companies are more compelled than ever to critically examine their structures and processes. This is the only way to harness optimisation potential and improve competitiveness and delivery quality.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

We analyse existing processes with regard to their efficiency and pinpoint weaknesses, but also establish the potential for optimisation. As part of this method, we refer to future developments and ever-changing requirements. We compare the identified potential for optimisation with existing benchmarks from various fields.

Together with the client, we develop ways to make the design of their processes, IT support, use of technology and staff organisation more efficient. We evaluate the results using a cost-benefit analysis, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and select the suitable measures accordingly.

We define organisational measures and simple extensions of IT systems with our clients. We search for suitable suppliers if more involved adjustments to technical facilities and IT systems are required. In both cases, we support you in the implementation and staff training.

Customer benefits

  • Efficient and harmonised processes which are geared towards future requirements
  • Staff placement that is suited to requirements and tools for management
  • Optimal, consistent IT support
  • Coordinated specifications to adapt to technical facilities and existing IT systems
  • Suitable supplier selected for technology and IT issues
  • Minimisation of risks through clear specifications and implementation checks in the form of performance monitoring

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