Planning and optimisation | Intralogistics


Electrical eng. & med tech

Company size

about 1,296 employees

Project duration

3 months


8,000 m²



Our customer is one of the leading international suppliers of wire products for large household appliances. It supplies a wide variety of industries with industrially shaped, robust and high-quality wire products.


Design process for materials handling between production stages and conception of a proper technical solution along with convert concept to specific layout requirements for a new production site:

  • Analyse the basis of logistics chain design to identify further investment reduction potentials
  • Process design of materials handling, derive requirements for appropriate transport equipment.
  • Static buffer dimensioning to optimise inventory  in the supermarkets and to reduce needed floor space.
  • Conception of transport equipment for materials handling and storing that fulfil requirements by bulky but light goods.
  • Derive and define additional technical equipment for materials handling
  • Create tender documents for needed transport and technical equipment