Logistics concept


Mechanical & plant eng.

Company size

about 220 employees

Project duration

6 Months


3,000 m² net floor area

North Rhine-Westphalia


Our customer is a global acting special machine builder for packaging technologies. Specialised in is bag making  and end of line packaging machines the company develops customer individual solutions for various industries.


Development of a future logistics concept for the German production site considering efficient bearing technologies and ideal material flow systems:

  • Definition of relevant functional areas and current space requirements
  • Analysis of the production and procurement quantities in order to evaluate required storage capacities
  • Calculate the required future logistics performance based on the production programme for the next 5 years
  • Technical design of potential bearing technologies such as AMLS, shelving system and shuttle system
  • Comparison of the potential technologies under cost, efficiency and space requirement aspects and selection of the future logistics systems
  • Development of a picking and material flow concept taking into account the requirements of production
  • Development of the future logistics layout for the year 2023