Continual performance monitoring

Objective and independent tests

A project regarding material flow technology does not end with the successful starting up of a material flow system. Changing order structures, technologies and operations require the regular monitoring of logistical processes.

Even in the start-up phase, the conditions and requirements are always changing when compared to the planning foundation. Examples include changes to order structures, new product ranges, operations productivity, technical stability and the fault liability of conveying or storage technology. It is therefore necessary to perform regular analytical and objective reviews of logistics handling during operations. Checking facilities during operations and managing the control station or system status. You usually only look at measures that are required from an operational point of view. This means that medium or long-term developments of the material flow system are frequently detected too late. Continuous performance monitoring closes the performance gap between operational controls which are geared to short-term and classic, long-term planning projects.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

1. Regular check-up of the current order and processing structures (in terms of conformity with the design premises and bandwidths)

  • Throughput capacities as a whole and in subsections
  • Order/product range structures
  • Peak values versus average

2. Regular check-up of the current plant parameters

  • Maximum output (system performance)
  • Availability of the facility or subcomponents
  • Fault behaviour (e.g. PR, MTBF, MTTR)

3. Regular check-up of staff assignment and productivity

  • Overall performance
  • Productivity in individual subsections
  • Conformity of operational procedures with the defined processes

4. Regular deduction of current or future-required measures

  • Identify deviations from the design premises
  • Optimisation requirement in terms of CIP (short-term measures)
  • Technical investment in the upcoming periods (medium-term measures)
  • Long-term development (facility threshold values)
  • Organisational measures (maintenance, repairs, operation)

Customer benefits

  • Status of the facility undergoes regular objective inspection, independent of interested third parties (e.g. maintenance companies / system suppliers)
  • Medium and long-term changes to KPIs and detailed key data are recognised early and assessed with regard to their impact on the conveying and storage technology
  • Causes of changes in logistics costs are determined and measures for cost optimisation are introduced
  • Necessary development and adaptation measures are planned and introduced in good time
  • Time-consuming analysis conducted by in-house staff is eliminated

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