Business process optimisation

Consistent and efficient processes

Business process optimisation or business process re-engineering allows the client to make their administrative and planning processes more efficient across departments and locations within an international network.

Experience shows that a business process analysis and optimisation project poses challenges for all those involved, in that at least three groups with different fields of knowledge have to work together:

  1. Employees from the departments involved along the supply chain:
    They have expert knowledge of the business process. They are usually the people responsible for the processes that are being analysed in the warehouse, incoming/outgoing goods, product development and administrative/planning fields of daily operations.
  2. Employees from the participating IT departments:
    They have the knowledge necessary to administer the processes using the relevant master data within the company’s IT systems
  3. The Metroplan modellers:
    They have both the methodological knowledge of modelling and best practice experience in the relevant business processes and IT systems gained from other companies.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

Metroplan fits its approach to the individual requirements of the customer, however, the following points are always a part of the methodology:

  • Determining the key and support processes from procurement, factory, distribution and replacement logistics
  • Process analysis (e.g. using the RACI method) taking into account the IT systems in place, as well as the relevant tools and documents
  • Identifying organisational and/or technological weak points
  • Comparison with the best practice solutions of other companies
  • Developing and assessing fields of activity and their alternatives
  • Setting KPIs to measure improvement
  • Support in implementing the selected activity alternatives

Customer benefits

  • Uniform, efficient processes at all of a company’s locations and production facilities
  • Reduced warehouse and transport costs thanks to better tariffs and optimised processes
  • Less stock and shorter ‘cash-to-cash cycle times’
  • Less staff costs due to optimised business processes, sales growth does not make additional staff necessary
  • Corporate risks are reduced

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