Purchasing logistical services

Find the best possible solution

Purchasing external logistical services is and will remain a key success factor. This success depends on good preparation.

Companies that assign logistical services to a third party or that wish to compare internally existing costs with common market prices face a difficult task:

namely, finding services that match the interfaces within the company and then specifying the requirements in sufficient depth. How do companies find partners who best match their service profile and specific requirements? At this point, a standardised approach with a proven method helps. This creates maximum transparency for all involved at every stage of the tendering process. To choose the right partner, you need a service provider who is active on the market and who knows their focus and industry very well.  

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

Metroplan defines the processes and service content which should be awarded to an external logistics provider. In turn, the adequate level of detail allows the provider to clearly calculate the cost of their services. The mutual requirements and duties to be fulfilled are specified in the tendering process. This also applies to the exchange of information if the logistics provider has taken over operations.

This means that all transaction and calculation-relevant aspects are taken into account during the tendering and awarding process. Our standardised procedure guarantees that all incoming offers can be compared objectively.

Metroplan prepares for the negotiations with a qualitative and quantitative assessment. Our role is that of professional consultant and this contributes to the mutually acceptable conclusion of negotiations. The preparation and start-up phase includes the development of an implementation plan, specification talks, workshops to ascertain the implementation status, regular checks of staff training and the regular assessment of specific indicators to determine performance quality.

Customer benefits

  • Overview of the current market prices for logistical services
  • Security in awarding logistical service contracts to suitable partners under the best possible terms
  • Coordinated specifications for carrying out logistical services and according to responsibilities
  • Specifications for your own organisation and the IT systems used
  • Clear processes and measures through continuous quality measurement