Tendering of European road transport and CEP services



Company size

10,000 employees

Project duration

8 months


Purch. vol. €15 million p.a.



The international technology group leads the five business areas Digital, Pharma, Supply Chain, Tissue and Tobacco. The group achieved a turnover of 1.76 billion euros in 2020 with around 10,000 employees and more than 100 locations worldwide.


Conducting a 3PL logistics tender for the outbound transports (road and CEP) of all European (DE, FR, PT, DK, CZ, HU and IT) production locations using a tender platform.

  • Defining the requirements and parameters for the logistics tender
  • Recording of the actual processes and definition of the target processes and requirements
  • Processing of the relevant master and transaction data
  • Preparation of tender documents and tender structures
  • Execution of the tender process via the SHIPSTA tender platform
  • Monitoring of the entire tender process
  • Bid evaluation using a multi-dimensional analysis tool and derivation of an award recommendation
  • Preparing the contract documents