Detailed planning of the warehousing and material flow technology

Work processes and technologies

Detailed planning substantiates processes, functions and technologies within the future material flow system. It is crucial for the overall performance of the logistics processes, the costs and associated investment.

In the detailed planning of a logistics centre, it is important to perfectly coordinate processes, warehouse and conveying technology and information technology. The processes, technologies and IT systems are laid out in this phase to guarantee efficient and cost-optimised operations. This project phase is therefore particularly important, as changes further down the line are extremely costly and time consuming.

Planning depth depends on project complexity and the selected award procedure (e.g. single trade system, large trade procedure, functional GC procedure, Guided Engineering procedure). If necessary, we support this detailed planning process with a simulation.

Metroplan puts together an expert team to cover all the tasks and topics that come up as part of the detailed planning stage. The detailed planning, like general planning, goes hand in hand with the building design process.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

The detailed planning process involves going into more detail on the design and displaying this in scenarios.

The result is an established quantity and structural framework for further planning. It is on this basis that we, together with future operators, develop detailed processes and technologies that will be directly implemented in daily operations.

We thereby combine the operator’s specific process knowledge with our experience to map all the functionalities. We utilise appropriate methods as well as our own in-house and commercial software to help us do this.

Customer benefits

  • Full design of processes, IT, material flow technology, functional areas and staff structure with layout, process description and interface catalogue for construction planning
  • Standardised, verified planning methods and tools from Metroplan avoid planning gaps and accelerate the detailed planning process
  • 3D illustration of the material flow systems, where appropriate this is supported by a simulation - allows for deeper understanding and makes evaluation easier
  • Neutral selection of the best system alternative
  • General planning of handling and storage technology, IT and buildings without interface loss
  • Specifying the preferred contract awarding procedure and project plan for implementation

Are you looking for further services in the field of logistics planning? In addition to detailed planning, we also offer you warehouse testing or tenders for technology and IT systems.