Industry 4.0 potential analysis

Digitisation is a means to an end, not just a trend. New technologies need to improve efficiency and/or flexibility. These potentials must be identified early.

The challenge is to maintain an overview of existing technologies as well as their providers in the fast-paced digitisation development. Choosing the right, relevant Industry 4.0 technologies requires thorough analysis to avoid unprofitable investments. Only both aspects together - i.e. the knowledge of providers and applications as well as an individual capability analysis - lead to the greatest added value through digitisation.


To achieve this, Metroplan uses a holistic approach coming from the process, not the technology:

  1. Capability analysis of added values by making use of digital technologies based on the status quo
  2. Selection of individually suitable Industry 4.0 technologies based on Metroplan's expertise
  3. Evaluation of the respective technology regarding individual added value
  4. Deriving concrete goals and applications to be realised

Consumer benefits

The capability analysis provides the customer the base for decision-making and planning of his digitisation activities. As a result, the added value is identified and goals and concrete Industry 4.0 applications are defined.

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