Establishment of an holistic production system

Sustainably and continuously deliver improvements

Companies are permanently trying to evolve. In doing so, their repetitive, large-scale transformation projects fail to deliver sustainable improvement. It is essential that a structure for continuous improvement be established.

Sustainable increases in efficiency can be achieved by applying the right methods and tools. Workflow-related problems can be identified, their causes determined and – by identifying and implementing the correct remedial measure – a recurrence prevented.

Aligning an entire company to pursue shared goals, operate in line with fixed principles and develop remedial measures using defined methods and tools, can lead to a self-learning and flexible system. Only this type of system is capable of going head-to-head with the competition of tomorrow in the long term.

Metroplan can support you in developing this environment and making it routine. This involves the use of interlinking principles, methods, tools and standards. Your production system can then experience continual development.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

We develop an holistic production system together with you, through which processes can be improved. The result is a toolbox tailored to your needs, with which you can optimise your own production system.

The envisaged changes cannot be dictated. In order to ensure that any transformation is fully embraced, it must be internalised by its people. To this end, we empower your staff by offering coaching sessions and targeted qualification training, through which they can continue to develop and advance autonomously.

We don't simply view it is our task to list the solutions. It is far rather our objective to establish a system for improvement based on autonomous responsibility. To do so, the relevant methods offer the greatest leverage for continuous improvement. These methods include:

  • Hoshin Kanri / strategy implementation aimed at achieving the holistic alignment of company activities
  • Shopfloor Management to create permanent transparency and communication, as well as the basis for improvements
  • Value stream management with a comprehensive system focus on value creation

Leverages for the successful implementation of continuous improvement management:

All members of staff are integrated and involved in the process. The earliest possible integration of staff represents a major success factor here. Only then is it possible for experienced and committed members of staff to actively improve a company's value creation.

Our objective is your success! We make every effort to render our involvement unnecessary as quickly as possible.

Customer benefits of an holistic production system

Benefit from the following advantages, amongst others, when working together with Metroplan:

  • Your actions are focused on value creation
  • Clear structures for your future success are established
  • Measures tailored specifically to your environment
  • Empowering the organisation – we help you to help yourself
  • All of your staff are involved
  • The holistic approach also involves supporting processes such as maintenance, logistics optimisation and inventory management within

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