Integrated production and logistics conception

The interface between production and logistics

The efficient ‘just in time’ supply of production and assembly areas with raw materials, semi-finished goods, assembly parts and packaging materials has a significant impact on a production system’s performance.

The optimal design of logistical processes for product supply and disposal takes place at the interface between production and logistics. As a result, production should concentrate on production while logistical processes are provided by logistics. New approaches in lean management support modern logistics processes such as the milk run strategy, service level agreements between production and logistics, and the relocation of production planning processes into logistics (e.g. the removal of transport packaging). This means that the borders between production and logistics are becoming increasingly blurred and makes an integrated production and logistics concept essential.

The objectives:

  • Consumption and needs-based provision of the production areas and workplaces with raw materials, semi-finished goods, assembly parts and packaging material
  • Minimal space requirement in the production areas
  • Process-oriented and material flow-optimised layout

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

It makes sense to coordinate the interaction of production and material flow system between production and logistics in the conception stage, and design according to economic considerations.

To develop a logistics concept that includes the supply and disposal of production areas, we have to incorporate the current processes, required services, personnel, costs and general conditions such as the existing infrastructure, interaction with production planning etc. In addition, we have to assess how it will affect changes to the range, production procedures, structures and quantities. Using this assessment, we can derive the requirements and objectives of the material flow concept and these are then agreed with the client.

We figure out which different technical and organisational systems are required for material delivery and transport in production, including the connected storage areas and storage systems themselves. From the logistics and production viewpoint, these are compared using a cost-benefit analysis and assessed with regard to the investment and operating costs.

Customer benefits

  • Clear definition of the responsibilities at the production/warehouse interface
  • Efficient processes and systems for the delivery/transport of material in production areas, as well as for storing raw, auxiliary materials and consumables, semi-finished goods, finished goods and packaging materials
  • Use of commercially viable conveying/transport technology between warehouse and production
  • Specifications for future physical design of the transfer area / interfaces between production and warehouse, as well as between warehouse and transport systems
  • Proposals for the gradual optimisation of production linking and the warehouse system, depending on production development

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