Warehousing and material flow conception

Efficient process and optimal technology

The design of logistics processes, storage and material flow systems is the foundation for creating efficient logistics centres and infrastructures. The fully evaluated logistics concept is the basis for decisions on implementation.

A key cost factor for a logistics centre is the operational transaction process. Its design, including the necessary storage and material flow systems, largely determines the size and design of the building, use of technology and degree of automation, along with the appointed staff. The storage and material flow design determines the systems which optimally meet the capacity and performance requirements. The quantitative and qualitative requirements need to be considered in an integrative way - particularly with regard to the economics and mapping of operational requirements - as well as the strategic aspects, such as being flexible to changes in requirements and expandability.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

To develop a warehousing and material flow concept, we need to research and understand the requirements of the operational processes, throughputs, capacities and general conditions in existing infrastructures. We work out the requirements and goals of future logistical management in joint workshops with the client. The potential business development, changes to product range, order and customer structure, and logistics services play a role in this process.

On this basis, we develop the ideal processes in the logistics centres (such as warehousing, transport, commissioning, consolidation, packaging, etc.). We design their technological implementation using suitable storage and material flow systems. The quantitative assessment determines the required number of staff, investment and future operational costs. The preferred systems are then identified using a cost-benefit analysis. The selected preferential systems are combined and assessed with alternative overall concepts, taking into account existing infrastructures. A decision template marks the end of this phase - it contains a full layout of the preferred concept (usually in 3D), which substantiates the investment volume, the business case and further project plan information. All project stages are supported by our standard tools. If necessary, we can simulate the individual process areas or the entire system.

Customer benefits

  • Coordinated concept requirements are transparent to the whole project team, decision-makers and those involved in other fields
  • Alternative consideration of other solutions for sub-processes leads to efficient processes, economic use of technology and security with regard to the preferred solution - both technically and organisationally
  • Full transparency in determining investment, as well as in calculating future operational costs leads to security when making investment decisions
  • Development of an implementation plan, if necessary with various expansion stages and timeframes
  • The client can decide on implementation based on sound facts

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