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Building conception

Thinking from the inside out

It is important to systematically plan using utilisation-specific requirements in order to create a production building which is demand and future-oriented.

The production process and material flow set the pace. They form the basis for sustainable building concepts which are designed to be flexible to meet future production demands. This is regardless of whether restructuring, a new build or renovation is involved.

Metroplan - Approach and methodology

Metroplan takes an interdisciplinary approach to factory and production planning. Dependencies and key factors which influence the overall system are identified, determined and pictured early on in the building concept process. Special tools are used to create a structured user requirement programme. Alongside the production concept, spatial dimensions are figured out for each subsystem. The optimal economic and production-technical solution for developing the factory is made as part of the factory structure planning process. The associated construction planning is iteratively developed and compared with production planning. The result is an assessable basis with production and area planning which takes into account building regulations and location-specific criteria. Different versions of building concepts are created and the rough cost for the preferred concept are calculated. This concept then already contains all the factory and production general conditions. It also shows the feasibility in a transparent way. This is the only way in which the client can decide on a concept that will be the basis for all future plans.

Customer benefits

Planning from the inside out creates solutions that are based on a structural and economic design and take into account:

  • The different needs of user groups
  • The special requirements of factory and production planning
  • Future-oriented production performance requirements
  • Implementation of the optimal production layout in the building concept (an integrated systematic approach to production and building design)
  • Avoidance of interface problems and planning gaps through standardised planning processes and special tools
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Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Holger Lorenzen

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Holger Lorenzen

Managing Director Metroplan Logistics Management GmbH
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