Site search and conceptual design of an MRO site



Company size

70 employees

Project duration

6 months


2,100 m2 total area (1,200 m2 administrative area + 900 m2 MRO and logistics area)



Our customer belongs to an international group of companies and is the market-leading manufacturer of helicopter turbines. The company employs approximately 5,900 people worldwide and, in addition to turbine manufacturing, also serves the MRO business.


Business case development for a new MRO site considering site selection and conceptual design.

  • Identification of the basic requirements within a time frame of ten years (scenario analysis)

  • Determination of requirements for the administrative area (employee requirements planning, office concept, etc.)

  • Determination of requirements for the MRO and logistics areas (dimensions, call-off frequencies and quantities, inbound and outbound separation, etc.)

  • Design of the administrative areas

  • Development of a compatible warehouse and logistics concept

  • Determination of the space requirements taking into account the logistic and warehouse equipment

  • Creation of a 2D layout (AutoCAD)

  • Identification of possible site options and execution of plot fit checks (ideal layout → real layout)

  • Business case creation