Relocation project



Company size

about 800 employees

Project duration

3 months

Hungary, UK


Our customer is a manufacturer and distributor of access products, fall protection equipment and secure storage systems – in 2018 the company acquired a global market player with three production sites in Europe.


The aim of the project was to realise and implement the identified optimised European production footprint. Therefore, product groups were relocated from UK to Hungary:

  • Set up the project structure, organisation and reporting of a cross-border project team with team members in United Kingdom, Hungary and Germany
  • Tracking and follow up of defined actions in sub project teams on regular basis
  • Development of the production programme up to 2020 for UK and Hungary, determination and extrapolation of the area programme based on future products and production volumes for both production sites
  • Development of layout variants with a focus on optimised material flows and opportunities of long-term plant development
  • Specification, selection of supplier and tender process for special production equipment