Production and logistics optimisation


Mechanical & plant eng.

Company size

300 employees

Project duration

6 months


Reduced scrap costs by 240 T€

North Rhine-Westphalia


Our customer is an international leading manufacturer of technical hoses and flexible hose system solutions. For customers of various industries the company develops and manufactures standard products and customised hose solutions.


 Production optimisation to reduce scrap rates, optimisation of logistics processes to stabilise shipping output:

  • Optimisation of changeover processes in polymer extrusion to reduce changeover and set-up times 
  • Identification of key scrap drivers and optimisation of the manufacturing processes to reduce scrap rates and costs
  • Development and visualisation of key performance indicators for production and logistics to initiate a continuous improvement process on the shop floor
  • Reduction of shipping logistics costs through tendering and renegotiation
  • Operational support for logistics to improve shipping performance
  • Optimisation of logistics processes in incoming goods, picking and outgoing goods to increase efficiency