Plant reorganisation


Mechanical & plant eng.

Company size

200 employees

Project duration

9 months


16,000 m² NGF

Lower Saxony


The customer is a family business, which manufactures pipe and distribution systems as well as custom-made products for the European market.


Reorganisation of the plant and increase efficiency by implementing lean manage-ment, optimising of production control and planning process and developing a material flow-orientated layout:

  • Value stream analysis of the complete manufacturing, planning and controlling process
  • Design of a overall material flow-orientated production layout
  • Setting strategic objectives for the company
  • Definition of KPI´s for production and administration to support continuous improvement
  • Establishing a daily shopfloor management in both production and administrative areas
  • Design of production control and planning process with focus on stability and on-time delivery
  • Implementation and ramp-up of a local production order control process in the manufacturing areas
  • Design of a PULL-production concept