Optimisation of the intralogistics concept



Company size

4.500 employees

Project duration

6 months


~ 15.000 m²



The company is a subsidiary of a French automotive supplier and specialised in the assembly, logistics and development of cockpit modules for passenger cars and trucks.


Reorganisation of the existing line supply concept with the aim of reducing operating costs

  • Evaluation and preparation of the planning figures to determine the daily transport demand and FTE requirements for material provision on a scenario basis
  • Comparison and evaluation of line supply concepts (direct provisioning at the line vs. central kitting) and preparation of a decision template for concept selection (projection of effort and savings potential per concept)
  • Evaluation of different picking strategies (pick-by-light, multi-order vs. single-order picking), validation of system-side and physical feasibility, integration of automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
  • Detailed planning of the preferred variant (dimensioning of the kitting area, layout planning, mock-up for kitting area and AGV integration)
  • Concept alignment and handover into the technical realisation
  • Savings ~25% of baseline FTE demand, Payback: 1.25 years