Optimisation of commissioning and packing



Company size

600 employees

Project duration

2 months

North Rhine-Westphalia


The company group is one of the leading manufacturers in its segment worldwide. The group's product range includes articles for individual consumption, which are manufactured at four production sites.


Development and evaluation of different approaches to optimisation and concept alternatives regarding item and carton picking as well as the packing process under consideration of a profitable degree of automation.

  • Charting of current material flows and analysis of the latest outbound data (12 months timeframe)                         
  • Incorporation of the target concept requirements incl. projection of the material flow data
  • Execution of a »phenomena analysis« and detection of the resulting optimisation potentials
  • Development of concept alternatives differing in the degree of automation of the commissioning and consolidation process
  • Estimation of the required investment volume as well as determination of the reduction in personnel expenditure supported by detailed process calculation
  • Qualitative concept evaluation
  • Monetary concept evaluation combined with business case calculation