Intralogistics concept | FMCG


Consumer & Food

Company size

1,800 employees

Project duration

3 months



Our customer is a globally active group of companies in 28 national and international subsidiaries and operates production sites in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy and China.




Development of an intralogistics-system for a planned production site. Evaluation of the future performance of the internal logistics activities and design of processes to manage the material handling between line supply and assembly lines:

  • Definition of a reliable data model to calculate the future transport effort for internal line supply (incl. waste removal), based on defined planning scenario (4 years planning horizon) 
  • Planning of processes and workflows in compliance with high requirements on technical cleanliness standards
  • Calculation and design of a high-frequent and efficient milk-run cycle (< 35 minutes per cycle) 
  • Dimensioning of design and storage capacity (bin locations) for raw material, WIP, packaging material and finished goods 
  • Definition of future logistics related processes and determination of the future workforce demand