Greenfield factory concept



Company size

26,000 employees

Project duration

4 months


25,000 m²; Invest € 140 M

Hungary, Latvia, Thailand, Malaysia


The company is the world's leading provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services as well as modifications in the civil aviation industry.


 Creation of a factory concept study for a repair and maintenance operations of engine components in Eastern Europe:

  • Analysis of the maintenance and repair processes as well as the production program up to 2025 for different engine types and their components
  • Deriving the required personnel requirements and the areas for maintenance and repair areas, logistics, technology and office and social functions
  • Development of block layouts for different greenfield locations taking into account lean principles and the use of common test and work stations
  • Creation of user requirements planning, including investment and cost estimation, for the relocation of maintenance and repair services to best cost country