Green field factory concept | Freight forwarding



Company size

about 170 employees

Project duration

3 months


floor area 24,850 m²; invest. 25-30 m. €



The customer is a forwarder for holistic logistics and transport services. The family owned company provides contract and transport logistics with focus on the automotive industry as well as paper production and trade.


The aim of the project was to develop a green field factory concept for the truck tyre and wheel assembly production:

  • Selection of possible production facilities and estimation of  required investments
  • Derivation of needed production areas for the tyre and wheel assembly
  • Assessment of required logistic areas and storage equipment as well as investments in warehousing and logistics equipment
  • Estimation of the total factory area, taking into account all production-, logistics- and other functional areas
  • Develop the overall factory layout and preparation of a 3D visualisation
  • Assessment of needed number of employees and operating costs to run the plant
  • Estimation of the total building costs and development of a overall business case