Feasibility study | Logistics centre extension



Company size

~ 10,000 employees

Project duration

3 months


Automatic mini-load extension: approx. 40,000 cardboard squares

North Rhine-Westphalia


The company is one of the market and innovation leaders and produces frozen food and catering systems for community restaurants, as well as frozen dishes and snacks for the end user. The manufacturer is active in both B2B and B2C.


Feasibility study of an expansion concept for the logistics centre:

  • Acquisition of the concept data base and exploration of the extension requirements in capacity and performance
  • Development of different possibilities of brownfield warehouse extension as well as greenfield extension
  • Analysis of the influence of changing inhouse supply logic due to warehouse extension
  • Sensitivity analysis of growth in sales and line of goods in the different extension options
  • Qualitive and monetary valuation of the extension options as well as selection of the preferred solution
  • Development of a planning and implementation timeline