Feasibility study & concept



Company size

> 80,900 employees

Project duration

3 months



Our customer is one of the world's leading companies in the aviation industry. Hamburg is the largest of its locations in Germany. This is where short, medium and long-haul aircraft are equipped. For more than ten years now, Metroplan has been carrying out extensive logistical optimisation measures.


Feasibility study and concept planning to increase rates in the hull equipment assembly hall. Development of measures to exploit the capacity-limit of the existing hall (CapEx-File). Study of further capacity enhancement by hall expansion (Feasibility Hall 260X):

  • Current state analysis
  • Development of layout variants
  • Assessment of layouts and recommendation
  • Project executive summary (G02-documentation)
  • Raw realisation plan, schedule and CapEx planning
  • Feasibility study and visualisation of capacity enhancement by hall expansion