Feasibility study | Brown field


Trade/ Fashion/ eCom

Company size

about 700 employees

Project duration

3 months


57,000 m²



The company is active throughout Europe in the field of car care and accessories as well as bicycle accessories, workwear and electrical installation materials. The group operates the international production, trade and distribution of more than 20,000 products.


Development and valuation of multiple brown field central warehouse concepts under the consideration of the existing property and the available adjoining land:

  • Acquisition and verification of transaction and inventory data within the period under observation
  • Extrapolation of the acquired and verified data from the observation period to the planning year based on plan of sales
  • Calculation of the transportation costs based on the prognosed future shipment data
  • Development and valuation of brown field central warehouse concepts under consideration of the property’s circumstances
  • Recommendation for the concept selection and development of an integrated implementation plan
  • Writing of the brown field central warehouse business case and monetary and qualitive comparison with the a decentral logistics concept and a green field concept