Factory concept | Packaging


Chemistry & Pharma

Company size

> 900 employees

Project duration

3 months


5,000 m² expansion area, 15 Mio. €


Our customer is a contract manufacturer for solid dosage forms. The company develops, produces and packages solid dosage products.


The production and logistic capacities of the packaging plant must be significantly increased until 2022. Therefore we developed a factory concept and an invest indication

  • Create a concept to expand the existing factory in two steps
  • Gather the basic data for planning, calculate the future capacity demand, draw space modules
  • Develop various layouts with strong focus to separated material and staff flow, compliant with GMP requirements
  • Indication of investment for a 5,000 m² building
  • Create a concept and an indication of investment for a green field warehouse (4,800 m²)
  • Gather costs for an alternative logistic service provider