Factory concept for a new factory building


Electrical eng. & med tech

Company size

3.300 employees

Project duration

12 months


Planning of a production on 1.300 m²



The company from the life sciences sector develops, produces and sells systems for use in laboratories worldwide. At the site considered, parallel bioreactor systems and bioprocess solutions are produced for laboratory scale.


Factory planning and process design

  • Implementation of value stream design and a material flow analysis as the basis for the manufacturing concept
  • Creating an area- and material flow-optimised assembly and logistics concept to increase efficiency
  • Recording and structuring production requirements for building and TGA planning
  • Creation of a material flow-oriented detailed layout for the new building and support for construction planning
  • Mapping of all processes in an animated 3D model as a basis for concept training and detailed planning
  • Dimensioning and planning of the necessary storage capacity, as well as description of the required storage technology for inventory optimisation