Battery storage power plant


Electronics & Life science

Project duration

10 months


25 MW performance



Founded in 2019, our customer develops and produces energy systems for industrial applied vehicles at Freiberg site. The company is an joint venture between Jungheinrich AG and Triathlon Systeme in the field of lithium ion batteries.


Concept design and project management  for the construction of a battery storage power plant for marketing of PRL balancing energy.

  • Concept design for a battery storage power plant
  • Distribution of balancing energy, capping load peaks and increasing the efficiency of large charging stations
  • Technical design of batteries, chargers, inverters and transmission (monitoring) to meet the requirements for pre-qualification of the energy grid operator
  • Building planning including all connections to the medium voltage in Freiberg
  • Development of a marketing concept (incl. selection/contract conclusion of pool operators) to market the power in primary control reserve