Basic concept development



Company size

800 employee

Project duration

2 months


business case



The company produces dairy products, direct juices and smoothies for trading companies throughout Europe.


Preparation of a business case – comparison of three possible variants either on-site or at a multi-user site green field, and development of a decision basis for the company and the logistics service provider involved:

  • Verification of an existing (pre-)planning including the construction cost estimate
  • Definition and elaboration of the future quantity structure under consideration of a planned additional business
  • Review of the structural conditions at the Moers site
  • Verification and evaluation of possible basic technological concepts/sub-systems
  • Development of an overall concept - in development steps - for the three variants single user Moers, multi user Moers and multi user green field
  • Investment and operating cost estimates for buildings and technology
  • Comparison of the alternatives identified commercially and qualitatively
  • Development of a business case as a basis for decisions on how to proceed