Air Hub | Leipzig


Logistics services

Company size

about 80,000 employees

Project duration

4 years and 3 months


40,000 m²



As part of a leading global logistics group, our customer offers integrated services and solutions in the transportation industry.


Expansion of the largest air hub of our customer with the highest level requirements to throughput and availability:

  • Determination of concept requirements and planning of the technical details
  • Preparation of tender documents for the expansion in stages, initially for the air-cargo container handling in the EC, then for the handling of Conveyables (Coy) and finally for large non-conveyables (LNCY) - first time automated
  • Guided Engineering method for the purpose of a shortened, managed manufacturer design process in an open competition
  • Offer analysis and preparation of the awarding process with the general contractor method, utilising the purchasing power of Deutsche Post (OPCC - Owner Procured Contractor Coordinated)
  • Implementation support: construction management and technical coordination; layout approvals, techn. specifications; schedule monitoring, ramp-up support, component testing, PMO - Project management office - WS Technical