3PL logistics tender | Automotive



Company size

> 3,000 employees

Project duration

6 months



Our customer was founded in 1958 and is to this day an independent third-generation family enterprise with its headquarters in Münster. Hengst is specialized in fluid management, crankcase ventilation systems as well as filter systems for oil, fuel, air and cabin air filtration


Execution of a 3PL logistics tender for warehousing, shuttle transport along with logistics manufacturing and distribution in Poland

  • Determination of requirements and parameters for logistics tendering
  • Recording of the ACTUAL processes and definition of the TARGET processes and requirements
  • Preparation of the relevant master and transaction data
  • Preparation of tender documents and tender structures
  • Implementation of the tendering process with Metroplan Tools
  • Support of the entire tendering process
  • Evaluation of tenders and derivation of a recommendation for award of contract