Increased production capacity

Food industry, production of frozen food

>  8,800

> 6,000 m²

2014 - 2015 and ongoing project

apetito AG Rheine produces frozen food and catering systems for community restaurants, as well as frozen dishes and snacks for the end user. apetito is a market leader and innovator and serves 1.3 million diners per day. Clients include businesses, nurseries and schools, charities and hospitals.

Project subject
Testing the production concept and optimisation of material flow as part of the capacity expansion of the Rheine facility


  • Analysis of the production order structures
  • Determination of future requirements in future scenarios
  • Projection of the production order structures
  • Development of alternative technical-organisational production strategies and concepts
  • Determining the required capacities and technical-organisational changes
  • Dimensioning of the production and production logistics areas, as well as the support processes
  • Layout planning and planning of the material flow systems


Your contact person

Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich-Wilhelm Düsing

Managing Director Metroplan Engineering GmbH
+49 (0) 40 2000 07 - 44