Tendering and contracting

Transparency in tendering an awarding processes

The building specification is the link between the planning and implementation phases. The design created during planning is either defined in the form of a detailed building specification or a functional building specification with information of qualities and standards, and this then serves as a basis for calculation and offers from construction companies.

Building a new production site with a lot of interfaces depends on rapid and efficient completion with high cost security. Therefore, such projects are particularly suitable for the functional invitation to tender of general contractors.

The functional tender will determine which main services are to be provided and the precise details of the characteristics, expectations, function and quality features of the building to be constructed. After the submission and precise analysis of all the offers using special Metroplan tools, negotiations with the providers takes place. The technical, qualitative and commercial content of the offer is clarified and bid price negotiated.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

When switching from the planning into the implementation phase, we see our role in both, planning and consulting: Depending on the type of project, we advise our clients on optimal and project-suitable tendering strategies, building contract strategies and pricing (flat-rate price contract, unit price contract, GMP contract, etc.). 

As planners, we transfer the results of the planning phase into an integrated, functional tender, determining the characteristics of the construction and its function and quality features owed by the general contractor. Specific client concerns will be taken into account. This process also involves a binding deadline for the general contractor.

The quality of the tender greatly determines the economic success of the project; it is a key element in implementing the planned workmanship, as well as costs and dates. We provide the tendering documents in a comprehensive and contractually sound way. This is key in order to avoid supplementary costs later in the construction process.

We develop proposals for a number of bidders suitable for the construction project and act impartially and independently. As part of the contract tendering process, we examine the received offers with regard to technical concerns and budgetary requirements. Comparing the prices of the bids forms the basis for the first contract negotiations. We support the client in negotiation conversations, clarify technical questions and therefore always have production technology issues in sight. This allows us to integrate and coordinate all the involved specialist planners into the factory planning process, depending on the requirements of the award process, thereby strengthening the client’s position in the negotiation talks. In this way, we can achieve optimally negotiated results for the client and provide tendering recommendations after the assessment of all the information.

Customer benefits

  • Creating legally watertight tendering documents for trouble-free and cost-secure job handling
  • Early consultation on awarding strategies to guarantee optimal project implementation
  • Comprehensive and clear tender documents for the economic success of the project
  • Suggestion of a number of bidders which is tailored to the requirements of the project
  • Integration of professional planners who strengthen the client’s position in negotiation talks
  • Optimally negotiated offer result on the basis of technical factors

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