Implementation control for technology and IT systems

Minimise technical and temporal risks

After being awarded the contract, the supplier is responsible for providing a service which conforms to the invitation to tender and their bid. The qualified control of this phase ensures that the budget and schedule are adhered to until the commissioning stage.

The implementation control phase serves to provide constructive support and management of the supplier in their work. This can include changes to the systems (logistics, IT, construction) - whether it is due to the typical dynamics requirement or manufacturer-specific subsystems and options which may arise as part of implementation planning. It is important to make these changes transparent. Commercial aspects should be considered in order to remain on schedule and on budget. This applies to the agreed qualities for conveying and storage technology, as well as checking the full mapping of processes in IT. During installation, we make sure that the work is done properly - from clarifying execution details or customising measures on-site, through to complying with the milestones laid out in the project plan.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

The supplier is initially required for this phase: The future material flow technology is finalised on the basis of the tender and released for production. Metroplan provides intensive support for the client during this phase, as deviations from the required project scope are extremely costly to correct later down the line. Paper now becomes iron and steel.

The same applies to IT: Later processes are finalised as part of requirements specification or the blueprint phase. Warehouse management systems, the material flow computer and the SPS are correspondingly tailored or programmed to the client specifications. Metroplan accompanies the client in these discussions and checks the specifications/ blueprints to guarantee seamless know-how transfer from the planning phase.

Sampling and acceptance tests of construction parts, key components and subsystems are carried out where necessary. We are present at the construction site during installation, to accompany and record the installation process, clarify details and check project progress. We take over the project management and conduct the formal change request procedure.

Customer benefits

  • Implementation of the project which conforms to the requirement, tender and bid
  • Minimisation of temporal and technical risks
  • Formalised change request procedure ensures the client and suppliers can objectively assess changes to the scope of the project and reduces risk of dispute
  • Know-how transfer from previous planning phase is included in the supplier implementation planning and specification creation
  • Supplier-specific technologies and processes are optimally utilised
  • Professional preliminary assessment of the components and qualities used