Commissioning of technology and IT systems

Test functionality, performance and reliability

Often underestimated: Commissioning is one of the most intense, if not the most intense phase of the project for the client. A coordinated approach throughout all phases ensures project success.

The actual start-up places high demands on all those involved in the project. Customised general systems must be mechanically aligned with the interaction between warehouse and transport materials, and the technology fine tuned. The IT will be adapted to the existing physics and any possible deficiencies in the detail processes will be successively removed. Future operating staff will be trained to familiarise them with the new handling and storage technology, as well as with the operation of the facility. At the same time, the plant’s capacity will be successively increased, firstly in test mode and then with real jobs. This tests the plant’s efficiency and reliability. Based on verifiable results, the plant will be approved and put into operation.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

Metroplan has many years of experience in starting up complex logistics systems.

We are therefore able to provide you with intensive support during this phase, through to successful live operation and beyond.

We use a proven, standardised procedure during commissioning:

  • Relocation packages and start-up steps are fully coordinated. The aim is to permanently secure delivery capability
  • Using a proven, multi-stage test procedure:
    • Separating client and contractor tests
    • Stringent test hierarchy: partial tests, subsystem tests, full system tests and overall integration tests
    • Creating an availability model according to VDI or in terms of power availability
    • Availability and performance tests with defined target criteria for commissioning milestones
  • Training concept for the employees
  • Formalised acceptance procedure: checking the acceptance conditions according to the invitation to tender, for example, passing test procedures, documentation, CE declaration of conformity, regulatory approvals, handling the list of defects, spare parts packages, proof of staff training, etc.

Customer benefits

  • Systematic facility testing with regard to functionality, performance and reliability. Transparent assessment of the efficiency and performance level until maximum delivery capability and supply readiness is reached
  • High level of acceptance amongst employees and operational reliability for later production
  • Provision of qualified staff resources from commissioning through to full start-up
  • Objective escalation management in the event that something does not work as intended