Preliminary building design

Decide on the key structures

Whether a logistics site is being built from scratch or a logistics building is being optimised, companies are faced with a complex problem: fast and efficient completion within a narrow investment framework.

Material flows and technical processes are the basis for the first floor plans and building cubature. The goal is a clear and functional layout which takes account of processes. Spatial requirements for the storage and conveying technology are considered with regard to efficiency during this stage of the planning process.

The required building technology is dimensioned for the first time and this serves as the basis for the preliminary design. When planning a logistics site, one has to create flexible floor plans and take into account possible expansion. This allows for building extensions in the following years. Finally, site conditions and plan B conditions play a role in creating the initial building concepts, for example, in the design of a high-bay warehouse.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

The preliminary design is made with the goal of creating an optimally functional structure. This means that material flow technical considerations are just as important as technical restrictions. We create a unit from storage technology, a building shell and infrastructure.


Dependencies between the warehouse and upstream functional areas create the building structure and cubature. When designing the building, we take into account urban development and adjust the structure accordingly. Regardless of whether you are planning to build on a greenfield site or wish to integrate the building into a developed structure. Material flow and logistics processes provide structure. As a general planner, we bring together an interdisciplinary planning team during this phase, create the first concepts and take over responsibility for all key project planning tasks. We also coordinate and involve other specialist planners from the fields of fire protection, sound insulation, construction physics and acoustics. Only designs which have been developed with a holistic approach are successful in the long-term.

Customer benefits

  • Development of building concepts with optimised logistics planning from a single source
  • Priorities, even in the design development: economic material flow technology and logistics processes, as well as a flexible building structure
  • Takeover of general planning responsibility
  • General planning interface management among all planning disciplines for an integrated concept
  • Cost estimation according to DIN 276 as a basis for corporate decisions