Implementation control of buildings

Keep a handle on project goals

For the client, implementation means looking after what was set out in the planning phase and contractually agreed with the supplier in the tendering and contracting phase.

The contractual partners naturally pursue different goals. This is particularly true in general contractor procedures where the client wants to see certain tasks achieved. These include contractual fixed-price services that are to be achieved by a set time and of a certain quality. Depending on the complexity of a project and which contract procedure was selected (e.g. awarding by individual trade, functional general contractor award, awarding in bulk trades), certain construction management tasks are agreed with the construction company.

The control of contractually owed service fulfilment remains primarily with the client. A representative of the client observes the interface management between logistics and construction systems and checks dates, costs and quality.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

A result of the awarding negotiations is that the rules for contractual implementation of the construction project have been laid out. Metroplan acts as a controller for the client throughout the implementation of the project. The contractor’s implementation planning is compared, monitored and approved against what is written in the contract. This also applies to contractually defined quality. Samplings are decided in conjunction with the client. Dates are compared against construction progress, changes and compensation measures are immediately discovered or demanded. Metroplan controls costs with regard to the set budget. If unauthorised additional charges are levied, these can be contested using the claim management procedure which has been successfully used by Metroplan for years. The reporting system utilises proven tools and ensures the transparent exchange of information amongst all project participants, technical departments and sub-projects throughout the entire lifespan of the project. All approvals will be attended to and documented up until the functional commissioning of the facility.

Customer benefits

  • Holistic implementation control: Taking on delegable construction tasks saves on resources and allows the client to concentrate on their key tasks
  • The project is implemented by an experienced, interdisciplinary team who bring their full project knowledge right through from the planning phase
  • Individual services and products are checked and approved; this ensures planning and implementation quality
  • Holistic implementation control and professional management of the construction and logistics systems minimise quality and interface losses