Building design and approval planning

Targeted and interdisciplinary

The material flow planning and user-specific requirements are part of design planning for a logistics site. The design and approval planning takes into account technical, economic, energy-sustainable and design requirements.

The purpose of a building largely determines its design: For example, constructing a cold storage facility requires a sound understanding of structural relationships, adequate materials and the relevant building technology. Specific storage systems and a regular throughput of industrial vehicles place increased demands on the foundations.

More coordination to ensure authorisation takes place during this phase. Metroplan assess the planning documentation according to construction specifications and then submit it to the authorities in the form of a building application.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

We create the design and approval planning according to which products are to be stored (e.g. hazardous materials, different temperature ranges), which type of storage (conventional or automated warehouse) and which material flow technology is going to be used. This is highly detailed and integrates logistics planning. The construction system follows logistical requirements. Even in the preliminary planning stage, we focus on creating a multi-purpose building and consider possible future expansion. During the actual design phase, we develop these plans further to create an optimal construction solution.

The corporate identity and choice of material and colour create an identity for the logistics building’s design. Planning with a view to energy sustainability and economic viability ensure the value of the property and make it sustainable. It is essential to bring together the construction and logistics planning and keep an eye on interfaces in order to avoid collisions in integration planning.

This utilises synergies and creates a unified result. Internal project and interface management coordinate all the processes and proactively ensure the agreed costs, deadlines and quality levels are maintained. We create a cost calculation according to DIN 276 for the realisation phase. The client can then use this to make a final decision on the budget.

Customer benefits

  • The targeted integration of construction and logistics planning with associated interface management from a single source
  • As general planners, we bring together the various professional disciplines and keep an eye on the budget and deadlines
  • Cost calculation according to DIN 276 forms the basis for approval of company budgeting
  • Bundling the approval documentation for all planning disciplines from a single source; constant communication with the authorities, even during the planning process, ensures a speedy approval process
  • Metroplan is experienced in dealing with approval authorities; this provides approval assurance and the keeping to target deadlines