Digitalised processing of incoming invoices

Take advantage of transparent data and optimised purchasing costs

Metroplan digitalises your incoming invoices with your optimal software solution.

The challenge

Despite increasing digitisation of our everyday life, paper invoices still appear in the post boxes. Depending on thecomplexity of an organisation, German managers estimate costs between 8 € and 25 € for processing incoming invoices. Possible transaction costs and missed discount periods or even overdue fees are not included in this calculation. The clarification of ambiguous or false invoices often initiates long process chains and approval workflows which lead to even higher processing costs. There is one solution for all these problems: digital invoice processing – more than just saving of costs – it offers a central overview and transparency.

eInvoicing is becoming increasingly important because the electronic invoice exchange is easier, faster and less prone to error. Moreover, eInvoicing enables to achieve ambitious efficiency and cost reduction goals in a clear and sustainable way. The legal regulation for considering paper invoices equally to eInvoices opened the door to new opportunities.

Our Solution

Scanning – validating – classifying – integrating – verifying – approving – controlling and archiving.We not only offer you a cost-optimised and digitised invoice processing but also provide you with the appropriate software solution - adapted to your individual needs and requirements - by our eBusiness partners - all from one source, fast and simple.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

Benefit from Metroplan’s know-how regarding process optimisation and digitisation to develop your individual solution.

  • You can profit from our process and digitisation specialists to create your individual solution (analysis of current state à recommendation to achieve the desired state).
  • We implement the jointly determined process and the chosen software solution individually according to your requirements and approval guidelines.


  • Transparent data for the optimisation of purchasing costs
  • Integrated invoice verification
  • Assignment of invoices

Invoices with an order reference

  • The open orders will be transferred automatically to Metroplan and the necessary invoice content will be digitally provided by Metroplan without demanding the customer’s resources
  • The contents of invoices with reference to the master data will be assigned by item and transferred to the eProcurement provider to integrate them into the ERP system (e.g. SAP®MM)
  • 80 percent of all invoices should be congruent with the order. These could be processed automatically and simultaneously validated against the delivery notes in the ERP system (logistics invoice verification).

The digital contents of invoices with reference to master data are available without the use of customer’s resources

  • The invoices which correspond to the item with the orders can be forwarded automatically to the materials management system
  • Differences at item level can be viewed in detail by stating the relevant invoice position and order item

Your advantage - process cost optimisation

  • All invoices that correspond with order and incoming goods can be processed automatically
  • Possible invoice differences will be detected fast and with the precise position. This enables an efficient processing by the customer’s employees
  • The assignment of delivery notes to paper invoices should be avoided (delivery note memory game)

Assignment of invoices without order reference

  • The automatic forwarding of invoices to individual persons or departments by the supplier is possible
  • Alternatively, the invoices can be assigned to individual persons or departments by the accounting department
  • The invoice contents are displayed by position
  • After verifying the invoice will be approved by the invoice auditor
  • Additionally, the invoice will be checked and approved by a responsible person of the department, so that a two-man rule will be guaranteed
  • The data regarding G/L accounts and cost centre can be entered and changed by the accounting department
  • After the approval by the accounting department, the accounting records will be integrated (e.g. to SAP®FI)
  • The amount of all digitally processed invoices, which have not been transferred to the financial accounting system yet, is transparent

Your advantage: process cost optimisation

  • The employees‘ manual effort to collect the invoice contents has been removed.
  • The status, whereabouts and completeness of the invoices can be viewed
  • The invoice verification process can be controlled
  • The liquidity requirements can be planned more precisely
  • Due to the higher processing speed discount conditions can be used more frequently 

Customer benefits

The digital invoice processing is the last step of the purchase-to-pay chain. This step is highly important: the more elements you are integrating into this chain, the greater the benefits of your processes will be.

  • Digitalised invoices, centralised data management
  • Elimination of transport and lay times
  • Reduction of process costs by up to 75%
  • Good integrability into all ERP / financial accounting systems
  • Low error rates, duplicate check
  • Freely configurable approval procedures
  • transfer to the accounting department
  • compliance with discount deadlines, etc.

Another benefit for you: transparent data for the optimisation of purchasing costs (for non-ERP spend)

For invoices without a purchase order reference, we can also provide you with the corresponding product and service data right down to item level - for further purchasing cost optimisation and to reduce your Maverick Buying.

We develop a competitive digitalisation strategy with you which leads to significant cost reductions. Together we create your individual roadmap for your supply chain - solution 4.0. We support you in the selection and implementation of the software.

We are on the way to industry 4.0­ – if you want to make use of the enormous potential and opportunities of digitalisation for your purchasing, we would like to present our concept and the variety of solutions of our business partners at your company or via web conference.

We will prepare you for the challenges of the future!

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Managing Director Metroplan Process Management GmbH
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