Warranty management

Preserve building value

The importance of warranty management in the lifecycle of a property is frequently underestimated. The warranty period begins once a property has been commissioned or construction services rendered by the general contractor.

The construction has been successfully completed and commissioned on time. Despite the justifiable euphoria, you now need to follow up on the warranty periods of the individual works, as well as the entirety of the buildings and facilities in a structured manner. This is the only way to find out any possible defects.

In doing so, the intended state of works rendered by the general contractor is compared with the actual state of the construction. To do this, we duly record, assess and document any possible defects. If necessary, we will raise a qualified complaint and monitor the supplementary performance of the relevant company. If deficiencies are not remedied within a legally specified timeframe, substitute works must be carried out to preserve the property value.

Metroplan-Approach and methodology

A consistently implemented warranty management and risk strategy is key to maintaining property value. Once construction is complete, the contractual rights of the client must be protected. The key activities include keeping track of warranty periods and correcting faults. Once the implementation stage is complete, the inspections are documented and followed up on as part of warranty management within the relevant timeframes. 

Metroplan monitors periods of limitation using experience-based tools. A key part of this is the maintenance and warranty plan which is created by the general contractor and required for approval.

If faults occur during the operation/ warranty period, the customer can raise a claim against the contractor to have these faults remedied. The fault must be shown and any consequential damages assessed. We raise a qualified notice of defects, create legally valid correspondence and monitor the subsequent performance or take the first steps to having substitute works carried out. Warranty management supports, guides and accompanies you through all stages, processes and measures.

Customer benefits

  • Inspections before the expiry of the warranty period; documentation of results to preserve the client’s contractual rights
  • Monitoring the warranty periods and working to eliminate defects to maintain the value of the property
  • Creating a legally valid correspondence, documentation as secured records in case of dispute
  • Efficient, professional handling of all warranty processes; coordination of the necessary parties to eliminate defects

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