Modernisation | Reorganisation

Changes during operation

We accompany you in the modernisation and reorganisation of structures that have developed over time to create efficient new structures in existing production locations.

In rare cases, companies have the opportunity to realise a complete redesign on a greenfield site. However, large inventories, long throughput times, insufficient service levels and disorderly material flow usually require the reorganisation of existing factories or affected areas. It is crucial to identify the causes of the deficits. Metroplan analyses strengths and weaknesses and identifies potential for improvement as the basis for proposed solutions. We then develop the project and goal definition for one or more projects to tap the full potential.

Metroplan - Approach and methodology

We plan the modernisation and reorganisation of your facility from the inside out. The main stages are:

1. Preliminary assessment

  • Analysis of the current situation and development of planning foundations
  • Structuring and dimensioning of machines, facilities and production logistics
  • Determining spatial, staff, energy and media requirements

2. Planning phase

  • Planning of lean concepts for production and production logistics
  • Choosing strategies for production management (push-pull principle)
  • Defining supply concepts (JIT/JIS, Kanban, supermarkets)
  • Layout planning of the area and factory as an ideal and real layout
  • Integration planning across all subsystems and subsections
  • Determine the need for investment including a profitability analysis

3. Award phase

  • Creating specifications and calls for tender
  • Comparison of bids and assistance in awarding contracts

4. Implementation phase

  • Monitoring performance of suppliers and implementation companies
  • Implementation checks for equipment, construction and building technology
  • Planning, managing and checking of construction measures and moves

Customer benefits

Changes in stock make it necessary to coordinate various interfaces and topics. Only then can you guarantee that the modernisation/reorganisation does not affect your ability to deliver. Metroplan takes most of these tasks on as a general planner. The individual project team, construction planners and external engineers, equipment suppliers or construction staff bring their specialist know-how, as well as their own expectations, requirements and objectives to the project. The role of an interdisciplinary project management team is to keep a firm hold of the reins.

Our project managers have the relevant specialist and interface knowledge, gained from various industrial and factory construction projects. We work closely with your project management staff to reach the intended objectives. We keep a constant eye on deadlines, costs and quality. Our services include coaching your project management staff as well as taking on overall project management across all involved disciplines and trades.

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Geschäftsführer Metroplan Production Management GmbH
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