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Hurry up and Snap High Investment Subsidies by the End of 2017

Seminar Wrocław

Polish government is introducing considerable changes in the area of investment promotion at the beginning of 2018. What measures will you need to take before the end of 2017 to maintain the higher investment subsidies until 2026 and what changes will there be from 2018?

We invite you to attend a seminar in Wrocław, Poland, on the 22nd of November, 2017 organised jointly by Metroplan Polska and Olesinski Wspolnicy.

As leading experts in our fields, we are in a position to offer you advice and guidance as to how you can now apply for and secure the higher level of subsidies for your company by the end of 2017 - benefits that will last right up to the year 2026. You will get the opportunity to gain an insight into the possibilities of investment incentives still in 2017, issues that should be considered, steps that are significant and alternatives available now, for these last few weeks of 2017.

Join us for this afternoon event and register right here.

Your contact person
Dipl.-Wirtschaft.-Ing. Ulrich Dantzer

Dipl.-Wirtschaft.-Ing. Ulrich Dantzer

Managing Director Metroplan Eastern Europe GmbH
+49 (0) 40 2000 07 - 10