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Mastering the challenges of omni-channel strategies

Wie Logistik E-Commerce erfolgreich macht, 28./29. April 2016

For years, the field of ecommerce has grown in the double digits – and there is no end in sight. Medium-sized companies in particular are facing the challenge of falling behind the competition if they do not have an online shop. But starting a business online is not easy. Both the logistics processes and warehouse structure change significantly. Discuss the topic with LOGISTIK HEUTE and top-class speakers in Münster/Greven – what are the challenges of an omni-channel strategy and in what way does a multi-channel company have to design its warehousing logistics processes if it wants to be successful online.

Register and discuss with LOGISTIK HEUTE, Metroplan, Logivest and other top speakers in Münster/Greven: Click here to register