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Improved production and storage efficiency

A structured and sustained increase in performance

Improved production and storage efficiency

Increasing global competition, continuous cost pressures and ever shorter delivery times mean that companies at home and abroad are faced with major challenges. Product and manufacturing processes are complex, short-term design adaptations are probable and there is a call for greater variety.

The overall system needs to be correspondingly adaptable. How can a company make its customers more satisfied and at the same time ensure sustainable corporate success? All areas need to be adaptive and flexible for a company to become more efficient.

Metroplan - Approach and methodology

Metroplan places high importance on the development and implementation of concepts together with our clients. We tailor our approach and thereby support you in reaching your goals in the best way possible. The individual stages:

  1. A vision and goal workshop to define the roadmap
  2. Cascading of goals from the functional and workspaces down to the individual workplace
  3. Potential analysis to identify and quantify key issues
  4. A tailored concept/approach to sustainably realise the identified savings
  5. Guarantee the stabilisation of processes and transparency
  6. Develop and implement measures together
  7. Set up a suitable system of indicators

Customer benefits

You cannot dictate changes. To achieve change, it needs to be on the minds of those involved. The systematic coaching of employees contributes towards this. We do not see our role as simply to provide you with solutions. It is far more important for us to establish an improvement system that is based on individual responsibility. All employees need to be involved in the process and have a connection to the changes made. This is the only way to make experienced and dedicated employees become actively involved in improving added value. Our goal is your success! We do everything we can to make ourselves superfluous as quickly as possible. To do this, we enable your employees to further develop and continue on their adopted path independently.

Your contact person
Dr.-Ing. Oliver Lieske

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Lieske

Managing Director Metroplan Production Management GmbH
+49 (0) 40 2000 07 - 49
Dipl.-Wirtschaft.-Ing. (FH) Matthias Göke

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Matthias Göke

Managing Director Metroplan Production Management GmbH
+49 (0) 40-2000 07 - 68