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A Success story:

Metroplan celebrates its 40th anniversary


Hamburg, September 2016 - the consulting and planning company, Metroplan, is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. During the course of the last four decades Metroplan, whose project volume under management had risen to over 500 million euros by 2015, has grown to become one of the biggest independent consulting and planning providers in Germany.

Metroplan brand wins “Best Logistics Brand 2016”

This year, Metroplan is delighted to have achieved very special recognition, having finished first in the “Best Logistics Brand” competition. The company won the greatest number of votes in the “Logistics Consultants and Consulting Companies” category from readers of the specialist magazine “LOGISTIK HEUTE” and experts at Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. (BVL). Our professional, standardised methods and tools, together with our high-quality project management, leave our clients safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with professionals who have an excellent understanding of the market. This is also demonstrated by the fact that lots of our clients have been working with us for a great many years, and by the positive feedback they give us. 

Friedrich-Wilhelm Düsing, Managing Director at Metroplan: “This award recognises the work we have been doing for a number of decades. Irrespective of whether we’re dealing with solutions for production, for material flow technology or for buildings, we seek to achieve integration by uniting the various individual elements, bringing complex projects to a successful conclusion. I am convinced that our clients greatly value the fact that we are totally honest in what we tell them and that we communicate with them as equals.”

“We are grateful, first and foremost, to our clients, many of whom have remained loyal to us for a great many years. As have our employees. At the end of the day, you need a strong team to deliver the performance we are renowned for - a team that puts heart and soul into the job, knows exactly what it is doing and is part of a solid company structure”, said Holger Lorenzen, another Metroplan Managing Director.

A glimpse into the past

Fritz Hürsch and Hans Koller founded Metroplan forty years ago with the goal of planning and setting up storage facilities far away from their native Switzerland in Hamburg. They viewed Hamburg as a suitable market. They were attracted to the city by its numerous logistics companies and booming port industry. Another important success factor for the company founders was the excellent reputation associated with the “Swiss made” seal of approval.

The company started out with just a handful of builders in 1976, growing over the next forty years into a consulting and planning company, operating both at home and abroad, and employing around 65 staff. The Hamburg engineering company has now clocked up over 2,000 successful projects on behalf of clients from a wide variety of business sectors. Clients include companies quoted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as a host of medium-sized companies from every sector going. The number of key sectors served has grown year-on-year, and the client base has been expanded.

Comprehensive solutions

As the decades have gone by, Metroplan’s portfolio of services has grown and grown. The storage planning expert has now developed into a provider of consulting, planning and implementation services for complex investment projects in the fields of production, logistics and industrial buildings. Experience has shown that complex factory planning and expansion projects work better if the necessary skills are available in-house. It was for this reason, for example, that the company “Metroplan Industrial Facility Design” was founded, in order to be able to bring planned factories to completion without delay. “What makes Metroplan stand out from the crowd is a special type of company structure, which is based on the idea that a system is always greater than the sum of its parts. “All of our experts are located on a single floor - from analysis and planning, through to completion. If a client wants to build a new factory, I don’t have to walk more than two doors away to talk to the architects”, said Ulrich Dantzer, now the longest serving Managing Director within the Metroplan Group, having joined in 1985. The young engineer’s first task was to spend several months making a conveyor and sorting system operational - while reassuring the client who could be seen getting more and more nervous all the time. Ulrich Dantzer is now very successfully managing Metroplan’s fortunes in eastern Europe. This is another factor that differentiates Metroplan from other providers. Whereas our competitors sought out new markets in the 1980s and 1990s principally in EU countries such as France, the UK and Spain, Metroplan decided to expand into Poland. And not in Warsaw, as you might think, but in Wrocław. In so doing, the company has remained true to its conviction that the best place to find success is where no-one (or hardly anyone) is looking for it.

A feel for markets

“We are very proud of what we have achieved over the years. We have constantly kept up to date with ongoing developments and trends in each of the sectors in which we operate and have aligned them consistently to our clients’ needs. This constant focus on our clients will allow us to continue to be successful in the future”, explained Friedrich-Wilhelm Düsing, one of Metroplan’s Managing Directors.