Factory structure planning | Feasibility analysis

Long-term solutions

From our many years of experience in planning and implementing industrial facilities such as factories, we know that every project is an exciting new challenge! We work with you to develop a unique approach and the optimal solution for your project.

Based on your planning, we work collectively with you to create a sustainable concept for location development. Derived from the requirement figures (production programme), we first develop the area plan for all the production and work areas and record the material flow relationships. We then define the individual steps required for the full expansion of the site. This ensures that all future changes to the factory and investments will be gradually aligned to this same concept. Factory structure planning is suitable for when a completely new factory is to be built, but can also be used for existing locations. Metroplan provides this service on its own or as part of a corresponding new-build, expansion or redevelopment project.

Our standard of quality guides us with clear principles:

  • Collaborate in a joint project team
    The key to project success: Your knowledge about products, production technology and processes, combined with our methodology and experience in a variety of tasks. Your experts and our factory planners work together in a project team. Clients bring their specific knowledge and ideas. This also ensures that the planning results are accepted.
  • Planning from the inside out
    Value-added production processes are a key part of factory planning. This is where we come in and develop solutions for production and production logistics. Based on this, we plan the other work areas and develop flexible building structures. We rely on our architects’ years of industry experience and bring in construction and technical building service
  • A balance of efficiency and technical solution quality
    Our aim is to find the best technical and economical solution for you and to implement this in a sustainable way. Our team of factory planners, mechanical engineers and industrial engineers guarantees this in two ways: the development and implementation of creative technical solutions, and an approach in which the economic success of the project always remains the focus.
  • Focus on the ideal concept
    Factory planning is subject to a variety of restrictions, for example, existing infrastructures. If you wish to develop the optimal solution, you must find an intellectual solution to these restrictions. The ideal concept shows the best possible processes, procedures and structures for an ideal-typical factory and is a guide for the real planning process (refer to Warehousing and material flow conception). It is measured against this concept.

Customer benefits

Metroplan has many years of experience in factory planning, paired with great expertise in implementation. We accompany our clients from the first concept through to SOP!

  • Long-term planning (master plan) for the factory through to full expansion
  • Company management makes strategic decisions on this basis
  • Assessment of spaces, staff and investments over time
  • Economic structuring (zoning) of the factory through to full expansion
  • Evaluation of guidelines/framework for short and medium-term measures from a strategic perspective

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