Location analysis and selection

Ensure long-term market and corporate success

Systematic location analyses and selection in Western and Eastern Europe are important conditions for corporate success. The right choice of location is the basis for the sustainable exploitation of the market, as well as for building an optimal production and logistics network. It is necessary to include numerous monetary and non-monetary factors.

Metroplan - Approach and methodology

For optimal site selection, Metroplan has developed the so-called “Multi Criteria Analysis”. It allows the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of many different location factors. These include workforce availability, salaries/wages, the support of local authorities, infrastructure, through to the promotion of investment, assessment of environmental conditions, the competitive situation and regional suppliers. Location factors from 380 regions are currently available on the Metroplan database.

Customer benefits

We determine the relative cost advantage and location attractiveness per region for our clients using a utility matrix. The following diagram shows how we decide on the optimal location region.

Our clients have sustainably implemented the following objectives:

  • Location selection embedded in the corporate strategy
  • Systematic selection of the logistics site, which takes into account all of the relevant factors
  • Location that is optimised in the long-term and which has a permanently lower cost structure

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