Project and success

Whether you want to optimise a warehouse, plan out a factory or improve purchasing processes - the requirements for creating a successful project have become more complicated. Firstly, there is the macroeconomic environment to consider, secondly the specific situation and development level of the company itself. Everything has to be reconciled, every element has an effect on the overall result. What you need is experience, foresight and expertise.

For over 40 years, we have provided answers to the pressing questions in the industry. Should the production facility be relocated? Can existing storage capacities be used more efficiently? Is it worth building a factory in Eastern Europe?           

With well-founded analysis and sound consultation, we can, for example, ensure optimal production flow. As general planners, we have a long-term, entrepreneurial approach to ensure the right decisions are made. 

Interdisciplinary and passionate

We combine all the necessary disciplines under one roof and accompany our customers throughout all project phases, right through to the successful implementation.

This is based on our experience from a multitude of different projects.Our range of services is divided into three fields: consultancy and conception, planning and realisation, as well as optimisation and improved efficiency. The individual service areas are wide-ranging: For example, we analyse and optimise the new build or renovation of factories and develop, optimise or modernise the processes and material flow systems from logistics centres.

Partners on a level playing field

We work closely with our customers. Always with the goal of building long-term relationships based on trust. To this end, we combine a systematic approach, experience and passion for the subject with a consultancy process in which we are open and sensitive to the unique operational situation. The project manager keeps hold of the reins throughout the entire process. From the strategic planning through to realisation. This creates security and trust throughout the project duration. As planners, we are both ambitious and realistic. This is to minimise risks and deliver results that are supported at all levels of the company and by all the employees.