Sensirion: A project review in images

The kick-off for the Sensirion project already made it clear: we were not dealing with an ordinary project. The team started with the requirements workshop in Stäfa directly in the first week of January 2020, while large parts of Europe were still on Christmas vacation. The developer tender was created by Metroplan in 4 weeks and went to market at the end of January.

Due to short decision-making processes, it was possible to sign the lease for the BTS property and start construction by June 2020.

Thanks to the good cooperation with the project developer Xanga and general contractor Hunep, an extraordinary and sustainable production building was created in Debrecen in only 12 months of construction time.

CW 2 2020      | Kick-off in Stäfa – Admission Requirements

CW 5 2020      | Tender to the market

CW 3 2021      | Groundbreaking

CW 3 2021      | Topping out ceremony

CW 27 2021    | Final acceptance

Success factors

  • Clear goals and targets
  • Short and professional decision-making processes at Sensirion
  • Precise communication structure in this mostly remote executed project

See the milestones of this extraordinary project in pictures.