Interview on the generation change at Metroplan Eastern Europe

Introducing new Managing Director Jens Kampkötter

Don't feel like reading? Watch the video interview in German.

Jens Kampkötter looks back more than three months at Metroplan. Find out what motivates him in this interview. We let the camera follow him, so you get an even more lively impression of how he experienced the start, what impressions he has gathered so far and what he would like to achieve in the near future.

Jens, how did you become a member of the management team at Metroplan Eastern Europe?

I became aware of Metroplan through a headhunter. I had already heard of Metroplan in my previous professional career, but I couldn't imagine Hamburg as the center of my life. However, the service sector, especially Metroplan Eastern Europe, very quickly awakened my interest. The tasks and approach, as well as the range of services we can offer our customers, ultimately convinced me.  

What is your first conclusion?

I started into this responsible position with a healthy dose of respect. The structured dynamics at Metroplan absolutely convinced and infected me. My biggest focus was on understanding the approaches and methods and analyzing how they work. Of course, I also got directly involved in the operational project business and was able to get a very good picture of the work with clients. I find that super exciting: the customer is not only the client we work for, but he is our project partner and is actively involved in the project. We are noticing an increase in requests from clients in the area of site analysis. However, some new business areas have also opened up for us; for example, we now also offer our clients technical due diligence and warranty management.

Looking to the near future, what topics are at the top of your agenda?

That is healthy growth and the successful use of BIM methods. Every project, every customer is important to us. We can only be satisfied with ourselves if our customer is satisfied with us.

What is your impression of the company culture at Metroplan?

Metroplan works great as a team. I think that is also one of the most important success factors. We are able to provide our customers with comprehensive and targeted advice and make the right decisions together with them. I think it's great that, despite Corona, a lot of value is placed on, for example, the digital after-work beer on Fridays. The corporate philosophy is lived, there is free fruit and drinks, and the atmosphere is usually excellent.

You and your family moved to Hamburg from Heilbronn. Have you already settled in a bit?

Because of Corona, we've only been able to get a rudimentary taste of our new home in Hamburg. However, my wife, my two daughters and I try to enjoy the time in the fresh air and to stroll through empty St. Pauli from time to time. Hamburg has totally inspired us as a city. We feel very comfortable and arrived.

What event during your first 100 days do you look back on with pleasure?

I was immediately integrated into important decisions, I was asked for my opinion and that impressed me a lot. Every day is different, every day offers new challenges - that is by far the best thing that could have happened to me professionally. I look forward to every new challenge.

What do you wish for the next days, weeks and months?

I wish that we can travel abroad again more to our customers there and that the office will be filled with more people. Working digitally also has its advantages, but I miss the direct face-to-face communication.